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The construction of the side channel blowers is based on the lateral ducts principle. Blowers can operate either as exhausters or compressors and are designed for continuous operation. Full die-cast aluminium construction grants the maximum sturdiness and flexible operation. No lubrication is needed. 

They can be used both for industrial and standard applications because there is no need of lubrication between the static and rotating components, the noise level is low thanks to dedicated silencers (suction and exhaust), they can be fi tted with frequency converters, their layout can be either horizontal or vertical and  they can be fitted with single phase or three phase, multi-voltage and multi-frequency motors.

Our side channel blowers are available also in the following versions:

  • With inverter on board
  • High Temperature
  • ATEX

Customized construction according to ATEX 3GD and 2G are available upon request.