Bansbach Easylift - Gas Spring

Gas springs reduce manual effort in many applications.
They help reduce the drudgery of certain tasks for operators and the risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders).
Gas springs are used everywhere in industrial applications. In addition to the automotive and furniture industries (home, office, kitchen), many applications are also possible in machines and equipment of all kinds.

Gas springs are used in particular for:

  • Assisting the movement of a load by limiting the human or mechanical manual effort and without any external energy input (opening a cover)
  • To balance the weight of a mass (table top)
  • To adjust and maintain a locked position (seat back)
  •  Pushing, pulling, lowering or positioning a load

Characteristics of the BANSBACH gas cylinder

  •  Flexible
  •  Long service life
  •  Low piston gumming force
  •  Aeronautical certified cylinder + assembly line certified PART21G by the German civil aviation authority
  •  100% German made
  •  ROHS and REACH compliant


  • Exceptional resistance to corrosion due to electrostatic powder coating on the body and CeramPro® treatment of the stem.
  • Several mounting accessories are available: eye sockets, radial spherical plain bearings, axial spherical plain bearings, forks, threads, etc.
  • Protection against vibration and low radial stresses
  • Possibility to have custom-made cylinders (from 1 to 10000 pcs per manufactured batch)
  • Adaptable dimensions (strokes, overall length, force, end caps)
  • Built-in grease chamber for positioning and storage in any position including horizontal or rod up position
  • Determination free of charge, provision of a layout diagram and load curve