PLUS+1™ software - reduces costs and time of your development

PLUS+1™ is a product family consisting of hardware and software, which has been specially optimized for use in mobile machines, but is also used in industrial applications.
The application software is created with a graphical programming tool on the PC under Windows and can be loaded onto various devices. The HWD file defines the connection between software and hardware. Very large applications can also be distributed to several devices.
The reusability of the software reduces development costs and time. Prefabricated and tested function blocks provide frequently required functions via "drag-and-drop".



PLUS+1™ GUIDE (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) is a complete development environment for creating downloadable application software for all PLUS+1™ programmable devices.

The graphical editor enables a very simple development of application software, without previous knowledge in programming languages.

Symbols, which are available for simple links as well as for extensive functions, are simply put together and connected by drag-and-drop. The complexity of the function blocks increases with each development stage, but the expenditure for the software development decreases.  PLUS+1™ provides many function blocks with different development stages.

PLUS+1™ Service Tool

The PLUS+1 GUIDE Service Tool is used for parameterization and visualization of PLUS+1 products via CAN bus. In addition to the standard visualization elements, such as bar graph or oscilloscope function, customer-specific graphics can also be integrated and thus complete customer-specific service pages can be created.

Features and benefits:

  • Access to all PLUS+1 devices via PC using a USB/CAN adapter
  • Download of application software (hex files) into programmable devices
  • Reading and writing parameters
  • Design of customer-specific service pages


The Service Tool is available free of charge in the user version.