Medium Pressure

Series 40 Axial Piston Variable Displacement Motors

The motors of the 40 series together with other components of a system can transmit and regulate hydraulic power. The M25 size motor is only available as a fixed displacement motor, all other sizes (M35, M44 and M46) are available not only as fixed displacement but also as variable displacement motors.

With this axial piston design with a fixed or variable swash plate speeds between zero and maximum, not only in the forward but also in the reverse direction can be run. They are compact units with high power density (maximum 345 bar). The changing of the swept volume is achieved via axial pistons with sliding shoes arranged in parallel which slide over a variable swash plate.

Through the tilting of the swash plate in the opposite direction, the flow direction of the volume flow is reversed and with it the running direction of the pump is changed. The M35 and M44 motors work with a direct displacement volume limiter. The M46 size variable displacement motor works with hydraulic 2-point adjustment and is also available as a plug-in motor suitable for the compact wheel and chain drives (CW12, CW18 and CT18, CT26, CT35).

•    4 sizes of fixed displacement motors
•    3 sizes of variable displacement motors
•    adjustment and control programme - developed for the latest drive systems
•    high reliability through intensive field trials
•    optimum application range through standardized connections and modular          design
•    compact
•    low noise level
•    worldwide sales and service

Series L and K Motors

The motors of the L and K series are axial piston motors with 2-point adjustment for applications in the medium pressure range.

The motors have been developed for applications in closed or open circuits and are available in five displacement volume sizes (25cm²/rev. – 45cm²/rev.) and two different housing forms (SAE-B or cartridge).L and K motors are adjusted hydraulically via an integral setting cylinder and kept at maximum displacement volume by pressure-less spring returns.

The minimum and maximum displacement volumes can be limited to the desired values by various internal limit stops.The generously dimensioned adjustment cylinder with the aid of the appropriate injection provides smooth acceleration and deceleration. The units are very compact and can be space-savingly installed. The pressure connections are in the end housing, optionally radially or axially.

Key Features
•    optimum choice of motor via 5 different displacement volumes: 25 – 30 – 35        – 38 – 45cm²/rev.
•    SAE-B (2-hole)- or cartridge - front flange available
•    short and compact design
•    high efficiency through a 9-piston rotation group and 18° swash plate angle
•    versatile conversion range von 3.4:1 with a minimum displacement volume          of up to -1° (negative displacement volumes optional)
•    highest reliability through tried and tested technology
•    worldwide support and technical assistance