Orbital Motors

Danfoss is a world leader within production of low speed orbital motors with high torque.
We can offer more than 3000 different orbital motors, categorised in types, variants and sizes
(incl. different shaft versions).

The motors vary in size (rated displacement) from 8 cm³ to 800 cm³ per revolution.
Speeds range up to approx. 2500 min-1 (rpm) for the smallest type and up to approx. 600 min-1(rpm) for the largest type.

Maximum operating torques vary from 13 Nm to 2700 Nm (peak) and
maximum outputs are from 2.0 kW to 70 kW.

Characteristic features of Danfoss Orbital Motors

• Smooth running over the entire speed range
• Constant operating torque over a wide speed range
• High starting torque
• High return pressure without the use of drain line (High pressure shaft seal)
• High efficiency
• Long life under extreme operating conditions
• Robust and compact design
• High radial and axial bearing capacity
• For applications in both open and closed loop hydraulic systems
• Suitable for a wide variety of hydraulics fluids


  • max. torque to 100 Nm
  • nominal size from 8 to 50 cm³/U


  • OMP and OMR series will be replaced by OMP X and OMR X series
  • max. torque to 1170 Nm
  • nominal size from 25 to 500 cm³/U


  • max. torque to 2110 Nm
  • nominal size from 80 to 800 cm³/U


  • max. torque to 2735 Nm
  • nominal size from 250 to 630 cm³/U


  • max. torque from 77 to 370  Nm
  • nominal size from  80 to 315 cm³/U


  • max. torque from 160 to 410  Nm
  • nominal size from  80 to 315 cm³/U