Sangyong disk coupling


Disk coupling, which has a disk pack between two flanges, is made of steel so it is strong and transmits big torque. 
Its major feature is that the disk pack is made of a stainless steel plate so it has big restoring hardness and it is flexible.


It has no backlash and it has big twist hardness so it is used in the places that need location control. 
It makes little noise and it doesn’t need lubricating oil so its lifetime is long.It can be used for normal/reverse revolution or vertically. 
It can be also used at high temperature and high speed. 
In the case of the special type, it is not necessary to move the relevant machines to disassemble, assemble, and repair


Machine tool, Pump, Cooling tower, Woodworking tool, Agitator



Disc Coupling Spec

DA type

DS type

S type

E type

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