TSCHAN rotary rigid couplings


POSIMIN® all-steel, multiple disc couplings are torsionally rigid, free from backlash, flectionally elastic and maintenance­ free. They fulfill individual requirements in a compact way, using standard elements in a unit construction system. The power transmitting POSIMIN coupling disc pack guarantees a torque transmission which is free from backlash in both directions of rotation, as a result of the frictionallyengaged and form-fit linkage at each of 3 points. POSIMIN couplings are made of high grade C-Steels and the disc packs of corrosion-resistant spring steel.The coupling transmits the torque homokinetically in all four quadrants, due to the three-fold linkage and high spring rigidity.


The POSIMIN PHP is a performance optimised torsionally stiff steel disk coupling complementing the extensive range of flexible and torsionally stiff couplings offered by TSCHAN for applications requiring high torque and speed as well as the best possible operational silence. With the target in mind to transmit very high torques with a coupling of compact design requiring smallest possible space while accommodating inevitable shaft misalignments, extensive finite element analysis and accompanying tests were carried out which finally resulted in the optimised shape of the disks.


The POSIFLEX® coupling is a torsionally rigid twin cardanic gear coupling. The coupling housings have a straight internal toothing whilst the hubs have an external toothing with a chased variable radius. As a result, the hubs can move spatially within the housing and thus compensate angular, radial and axial shaft misalignment of the adjoined shaft ends within specified tolerances.

Barrel Coupling

TSCHAN TK barrel couplings are recommended for installation in crane lifting mechanisms, to connect the cable drum with the gearbox output shaft, as well as in winch conveyors and platform hoists.


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