Sangyong Fluid coupling



Sangyong fluid coupling is transmits power, connecting the driver 
and the machine. 
It prevents the motor lifetime from being shortened or 
the machine from being damaged by its overload. 
Fluid coupling makes the load of the driver and the machine slip.




In the case of using a special wound-rotor motor, 
it can be substituted by a general motor. 
At momentary overload, it can prevent a drop in the speed or 
burn-out of the motor. 
It can brake the machine by reversely turning the motor. 
There is no mechanical connection so under shock loads, 
the motor and the machine can be protected.




Crusher, Agitator, Roller mill, Crane, Conveyor


Fluid Coupling Spec

HFF, CHFF type

HF, HS type

HG, CHG type

CHF, CHS type

HP, CHP type

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